Student Management System Project in Codeigniter - Adzetech

Student Management System Project in Codeigniter - Adzetech

The project Student Management System is a smart and effective way to store student records based on that college's curriculum and moderators. This project's main objective is to target the student information according to the college moderators i.e. Moderator of various colleges has students of different courses.

It is just as the college has different college divisions and those branches have college moderators. Admin is the overall hierarchy head and manages the entire record, and constructs and retains the records.

Project Overview

This project works solely to demonstrate it to anyone as a concept or to display it in college programs.

Project features include registration of the Administrator, Login Features, Adding Co-admin / moderators, Adding School, Adding Student, View Moderator Students, Display Students Information, Edit / Modify Student, Record Remove Student. The main task is centered only on the administrator who is like a chairman for all the company and setting up the data.

Features Hierarchy

Admin Control Structure

  • Add Co-Admin / Moderator
  • View Moderators
  • Add College
  • Add Student
  • View College Students
  • View Students Details
  • Edit Students Details
  • Delete Student
  • Login/Logout

Moderator Control Structure

  • Login
  • View all students Record added by admin
  • Logout

Control Structure and Working:

Administrator is like a manager for all of this who constantly handles all the specifics of the job and documents. You can register Admin from the home page i.e. the project's first page.

Admin will sign into the site after registering and will be provided with a dashboard that contains a navbar with a dropdown menu of settings. Three links are provided within the drop-down menu.

  1. Dashboard: Which takes admin back to the admin dashboard where ever admin is.
  2. Moderator: To view all moderators added for particular college.
  3. Logout: Logout from the dashboard.

After the navbar connect Admin shows a welcome message and provides three buttons under the welcome message.

  • Add College : Add college to the database so that it can be dynamically fetched from the database for student college information. Add College Form input includes:
  • Adding college name
  • Adding college branch
  • Add Moderator : Add a moderator for a particular college that means a head of that college. Add Moderator form input includes:
  • Add Username
  • Add College name(Dynamically loaded from database)
  • Email
  • Gender
  • Role(Dyanamically loaded from database with role id)
  • Password
  • Confirm Password
  • Add Student : Add Student to the record with different college. Add Student form input includes:
  • Add Student Name
  • Add College name(Dynamically loaded from database)
  • Email
  • Gender
  • Course

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